Friday 14th February 2014


Whenever you say beats and instrumentals the first thing that would most likely come into your mind is rap or hip hop. This is the genre that is often associated with beats and instrumentals. However, what you may not know is that beats and instrumentals are actually available in many music genres. This should come as great news for people who want to enter the music scene and try their craft in just more than one genre. But what are the different genres of beats that you can purchase online? Well, let us find out then, shall we?

Rap/Hip Hop

This is the most common genre of instrumentals and beats being sold online. Many rappers who are trying to start off their careers usually purchase beats over the Internet. This is practically the genre that people most often associate with beats and instrumentals because most rap artists use them in their tracks. They are easily identifiable through their heavy drum sequences and their use of the bass. I think it is safe to say that hip hop and rap beats are the most common beats that you can find on the Internet.


For a musical genre that relies heavily on instruments, I have to say that it is quite a surprise to see rock music here, but believe it or not there are also beats being sold online specifically for fans of rock music. All of the common elements of rock music such as heavy guitar riffs, fast paced drums, and distortions are all present in these beats. What’s great about them is that they can also be used to sample other tracks particularly those that are categorized under rap music. This makes it a pretty versatile genre because of how it can be incorporated towards other genres.

R & B

R&B, which is the shortened term for rhythm and blues, is perhaps the second most common genre of beats and instrumentals being sold on the Internet. They are characterized by their more mellow tone and do not have that much of an emphasis on the use of drums and bass lines. R&B beats can be used in other pop songs, but probably won’t do you much good if used in rock and rap tracks because of their mellow tone. But they are pretty cool for other genres like country and pop because of their mellow and wholesome sound.


If you want to make songs ala Taylor Swift then perhaps you would like to get your hands on a little bit of country music beats online? Country music is defined by its “Southern” sound that consists mostly of stringed instruments such as acoustic guitars, banjos, fiddles, and harmonicas. These beats are perfect for anyone who prefers a Southern music style that has no distortions whatsoever. If you want to be the next Garth Brooks or Taylor Swift, then you might want to start off your potential country music career by buying some country music beats on the Internet.

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